Status of Spreckels 4th of July Celebration

On Thursday evening, May 25th, the Board of Directors held a specially called meeting to consider entering into a contract with First Night Monterey to manage the Spreckels 4th of July Celebration.  Though doubts were expressed by board members whether the event could be organized at this late date, the board unanimously voted to approve the contract, subject to these conditions:

  1. First Night Monterey will begin work on contacting sponsors, vendors and volunteers to guage the level of participation and determine what assets are in place that would make the event successful.
  2. First Night Monterey Executive Director Ellen Martin will report to the full board at the June 7th regular meeting on her progress and give a recommendation as to whether the event can move forward or be cancelled with the goal of retooling and reorganizing for July 4, 2018.
  3. The board of directors will then make the decision to move forward or cancel. If the decision is to cancel, First Night Monterey will be compensated for their time invested into the event thus far.

We can report that much progress has been made in the area of obtaining the crucial encroachment permit to close Spreckels streets for the event. The board thanks all Spreckels residents and interested parties for their understanding that this is a large undertaking and must be approached with careful consideration.

Paul J. Ingram, Business Manager